Sunday, October 6, 2019

Herndon man realizes leaning forward in his seat during a hockey game really doesn't offer that much of a better view

leaners suck
Leaners hinder the view of fans sitting behind them.

WASHINGTON: In the Washington Capitals home opener last night where they fell 3-2 in overtime against the Carolina Hurricanes, Todd Kobell, a 57-year-old Capitals fan from Herdon, Va., leaned forward in his seat for about 10 minutes into the first period.  Max Wedge, another Capitals fan sitting in the row behind Kobell, asked Kobell to lean back. 

Wedge reasoned, "I paid for these seats!  I don't deserve to have somebody blocking my view of the game!"

Disgruntled, Kobell leaned back in his seat.  After a few minutes, he realized sitting back six inches in his seat didn't hinder his observation much -- if at all -- from his view leaning forward in his seat.

"It was an eye opening experience," Kobell said.  "This guy tapped me on my shoulder and said I was blocking his view.  So I leaned back in the seat.  And you know what?  The game looked almost the same.  In fact, not entirely different at all.  I had tickets for Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final when the Caps beat the Las Vegas Golden Knights.  I leaned forward the entire game.  I regret my transgressions for obstructing the game for the fans in the row behind me."

Asked for a comment after the game, Wedge said, "Leaners suck."

Thursday, March 30, 2017

What's the Schmidtuation?

Two posts this year ... I'm on a roll.

nate schmidt capitals
Nate Schmidt's Mood States

Sunday, February 24, 2013

New terminology

Season ticket holders in our section have nicknamed the puck-over-the-glass delay-of-game penalty The Tom Poti penalty.  But like a younger Jedi being more powerful than an older Jedi, as Yoda would say, "There is another."