Friday, April 16, 2010

Angry fans are angry

In the interest of fair "journalism," here's a video of a Caps fan after the Canadiens overtime winner last night (because if this happened in Montreal to a Habs fan, I'd post it, too):

Also, embedded the video instead of linking to it so you wouldn't have the urge to join in on the YouTube comments (don't look, just don't).

Similarly, from Thursday night, someone puts her fingers in The Shark Tank after the Avalanche score with under a minute in the 3rd period:

Is the sky falling? I just think of the Capitals record the past three playoff series. They won the first one against Philly in '08 but losst the series. Last year, they lost the opener against the Rangers but ended up winning the series. Then they won the first one two against the Penguins but lost the series. It's only logical to think that since the Capitals lost last night that they will win the series. Right? Just sure would have been nice for them to put the Habs down 2-0 since they don't have nearly the firepower the Penguins did.

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