Monday, November 1, 2010

Make like a tree and Leaf

I have been waiting to post this one for awhile. A Toronto Maple Leafs fan did this video recap after the Leafs and Caps squared off Jan. 15, which was their last matchup during the '09-'10 season. Down Goes Brown whipping boy Everybody's favorite goalie you want to see in net against your team, Vesa Toskala, followed up a 4-0 shutout (no, seriously, he had a shutout) of the Philadelphia Flyers by allowing five goals in 15 shots against the Caps.

"This Toskala looked like he couldn't even stop anything."

"I don't think Vesa Toskala can handle NHL back-to-back games."

"... Alex Ovechkin scored, Brendan Fehr scored ..." ????

Unfortunately, Toskala won't be in net this time around -- he was traded to Calgary before the end of last season and didn't sign with anyone, not even a KHL team, during the offseason.

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