Saturday, January 1, 2011

National Aviary visit in Pittsburgh

With the Winter Classic pushed back until 8 p.m., Karen and I were trying to figure out something to kill time. What do you do in Pittsburgh on a holiday when most places were closed? We found that the National Aviary was open with 600+ birds including some African Penguins.

Sidney the African Penguin (see the name on the band around the wing). Surprisngly, he was a little lazy and didn't make his tankmates any better. They actually seemed to resent him during feeding time when he suddenly got a burst of energy and went to the front of the line. Very selfish. What an asshole.

The exhibit was designed to put the penguins in an environment that did not impede them from their natural habits. Here's one diving.

The National Aviary officials observed this happening but didn't do anything to discipline the penguins.

Unfortunately, this guy wasn't allowed in the exhibit with the penguins.

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  1. Penguins may bite? I didn't realize Jarkko Ruutu had been traded from Ottawa...