Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hockey players are liars

Since Eric Fehr just got traded to Winnipeg, I thought I'd share my one story about meeting him, which was at last year's season ticket holder party at Six Flags ...

My girlfriend, Karen, and I were standing near the front of the line for one of the rides. We've been to these before at Six Flags and skip the autograph sessions and hit the rides while people are waiting in line for autographs. After the players are done signing, then most of them can be spotted in the park hitting the rides.

As we were waiting to get on the very first car (usually a longer line) at this ride, we were almost next in line for the next car when Eric Fehr and Brooks Laich got the super-secret bypass and went directly to the front of the line because they are big-time hockey players.

Karen and I were like, "OMG! It's Eric Fehr and Brooks Laich!" Actually, she was all like, "OMG! It's Brooks Laich!"

Anyway, I have this theory that I've heard others support that hockey players lie about how tall they are. I saw Chris Bourque listed as 5'9" at CSN one time. Seriously. There are some shenanigans going on.

So as we were standing there in line, I casually shuffled over and stood next to Fehr and made eye contact with Karen as if to say, "Check to see if he's lying about his height."

Fehr is listed as 6'4". I'm 6'3".

Suddenly, Fehr noticed that I was really close to him and smiled and said, "Hey, what's up!" or something like that. Karen immediately told him that I thought all hockey players were big fat liars and fibbed about how tall they really were. Or something like that. Fehr laughed, we bantered a bit, and it was decided that we would stand next to each other to see who was taller.

(Laich didn't seem to notice all this was going on, instead intent on ensuring he was on the next roller coaster car leaving the station).

We stood next to each other, and wouldn't you know it, Fehr was an inch taller than me. More laughs, he and Laich got on the next roller coaster car and were gone.

Later, Karen told me Fehr was on his tip toes when we were standing next to each other.

Hockey players are liars.

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