Sunday, December 20, 2009

Separated at birth

On the left, GMGM (aka Capitals General Manager George McPhee), on the right, Arturs Irbe, Capitals goalie coach.

The next one is a little obscure ...

On the left, Capitals winger Alexander Semin, on the right is Jay Ferguson, the rhythm guitarist (and occasional bass player) for Canadian band Sloan. A lot of people in America have never heard of Alex Semin Sloan, but I've been listening to them for 15+ years, and the first time I saw Semin, I thought, "Hey, it's Jay Ferguson!" (Actually, Jay is a shrinky dink version of Jizz Sasha.)

Jay and the rest of Sloan are from Nova Scotia, as is you-know-who. But listening to Sloan doesn't make me grit my teeth and want to gouge out their eyeballs, unlike you-know-who.

And FWIW, this would make a great pre-game/intermission intro at a Caps game:

Here's one that's more hockey relevant:

Alexandre Giroux of the Washington Capitals Hershey Bears and Patrick Sharp of the Chicago Blackhawks. Which one is which? Just look at their NHL stats to tell the difference.


  1. I've always thought GMGM looks like Dr. Wilson from House.

  2. Dr. Wilson looks like that kid from "Dead Poets Society" who kills himself because his dad, Red Foreman, doesn't like the performing arts.