Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crosby vs Ovechkin

I guess the Capitals are playing the Penguins tonight??? Something something ovechkin crosby something.

Anyway, here's a look back from a tussle from a game last season:

Crosby Ovechkin fight

For some reason, I don't see Matt Bradley rushing to Ovi's defense.

Which brings me to another thing. Prior to this season, all the Crosby lovers Ovechkin haters said Crosby was better than Ovechkin because Sid was a better "team player" because he had more assists and didn't score as much, and Ovechkin was selfish because he scored goals and didn't dish the puck enough to teammates.

Now, this season, Crosby "came into this season wanting to give the opposition something else to stress about" and has scored more goals than he has assisted in, and he's now "rounded out his game" (see post #21). Now his stats are eerily similar to .... Ovechkin.

Crosby: 32 goals, 31 assists
Ovechkin: 30 goals, 35 assists (playing in nine less games)

So he's wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better now?

I. Don't. Get it.

Meanwhile, Penguins fans say the Capitals will never win a Stanley Cup because their defense sucks. Last season, the Capitals gave up six (6!) more goals total than the (Stanley Cup Champion) Penguins in the regular season, and so far this season, the Capitals have given up 138 goals in 49 games and the Penguins have given up 143 goals in 51 games. Break out your calculators and you'll see the stifling Penguin D has given up 0.01 less goals per game!

And last but not least, unfortunately the game will be shown in HD, so be wary of who they show in the crowd in the game:

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