Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I was watching Comcast low-def TV, and an NHL2K10 game broke out

The Capitals-Lightning game last night was kind of like me playing NHL2K10 on PlayStation 2 when I set the CPU ability to "All Star." Even a mediocre team racks up the goals. Then I get frustrated and turn the CPU ability to "Rookie" for the second period and get back in the game. And then I feel sorry for the mediocre team and turn it back to "All Star," and there are more goals from the opposition.

And then someone you would never expect drops his gloves. And then another you would never expect drops his gloves. (Seriously, NHL2K10 has the most random fights. I've had half the lineup fight at one time or another -- including Ovechkin, Backstrom and Semin.)

Unfortunately last night, I couldn't just re-start the game with a press of a button.

Anyway, if you turned it off midway through the third period, the fireworks hadn't even started yet.

Yup, here comes Brads.

I keep forgetting there should be three options with Matt Bradley:

A. Stop him
B. Contain him
C. If A and B don't work, accept your beatdown.

JapersRink has links to various, um, recaps of the Ovechkin-Bradley-Downie incident.

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